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“Establishing lasting peace is the work of education." -Maria Montessori

Special Programs

Two lower elementary students performing “Romeo and Juliet.”

The primary benefit of a Montessori education is that each child is allowed to follow his or her individual interests, moving around the classroom (and the world) as directed by their natural curiosity and enthusiasm. Our Peace middle school, lower, and upper elementary teachers are the very core of this freedom of exploration which our students engage in every day.

Peace Montessori Specialists

Montessori teachers are trained as “generalists” (meaning well-trained in EVERYTHING) in order
to best facilitate each student’s unique journey. But sometimes our students’ interests can wander far afield, which is why we are fortunate to have many talented specialists who are willing to come and share their knowledge and enthusiasm with our school.

The specialist programs offered in any given year will vary based on student interest and specialist availability, but some of our past specialist programs have included:

* Physical Education

* Computers and Technology

* Performing Arts (Including Acting, Improv., Set Design, and Shakespeare)

* Fine Arts (Drawing and Painting, Jewelry-making, and more)

* Yoga

* Home Economics (cooking, sewing, etc.)

Contact our school to speak to one of our administrators, take a tour, and learn more!

Field Trips

Experiencing the world through field trips.

Peace Montessori students will periodically take field trips to local points of interest during the year. These trips are planned to coordinate with subjects being studied or take advantage of special community events. Upper elementary and middle school students are encouraged to take part in brainstorming and planning certain field trips to correspond with their interests and areas of study throughout the school year. Parents are notified in advance of all field trips, and are invited to join the class in these activities by helping out as a driver or chaperone. Students are always well supervised on field trips, and often express that these off-campus adventures are some of the highlights of their experiences here at Peace.

“Tracker Rob” Outdoor Adventures

Since 2010 Peace Montessori has engaged “Tracker Rob” Remedi to lead our students on regular adventure outings. These outings with Tracker Rob focus on experiential learning in an outdoor setting.  On these outings children directly experience the many wonders and aspects of nature through first-hand discovery and hands-on activities.  Tracker Rob invites and inspires learning, and guides participants in making connections to their personal lives and the world around them.  Each class always maintains a core emphasis on nature awareness, interrelationships, diversity, stewardship, and conservation- that all life is special.  Just as importantly, we’ll take time to BE in and appreciate the natural world. ALL Tracker Rob’s programs maintain both physical and emotional safety as primary importance and are constantly upheld to ensure a rewarding and positive experience.

Hands-on outdoor learning with Tracker Rob.


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