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Peace Middle-Schoolers Perform “Romeo & Juliet” Old-Movie Style!

Some Thoughts on Drama, Middle-School, and  Montessori Education

by Jenni Buchanan, Drama Teacher at Peace Montessori

A three-person production of Shakespeare’s beloved (and many-charactered!) Romeo and Juliet is no easy feat, but our intrepid Peace Middle-School class was up to the challenge! After reading through the entire play, studying the story, characters, and language, the three students set to work choosing what they believed were the most important and moving speeches of the play. Once the script was chosen came the fun part– Brainstorming different performance ideas! I won’t give everything away, but I will say that the students considered setting the play in a post-apocalyptic zombie world, on alien planets, and other unusual ideas before finally settling on the old-fashioned black and white movie format. The resulting performance was fun and entertaining!

This is Peace Montessori’s 5th year of Drama, and you can tell that our three middle-schoolers have been doing this for a while. Drama is a cumulative study. Our parents and audience members can see every year the progression of skill from the lower elementary, to the upper elementary, and this year to the middle school. As the Drama teacher I can tell you that the progression is not due only to age and maturity, it is also due in large part to experience. An education in Drama, like a Montessori education, benefits from a study over years, rather than just weeks or months. You can see the results of these years of study in the ease, joy, and dramatic flair with which our middle-schoolers take the stage!

I hope you enjoy the show, and we’ll see you again next year!


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