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"Food" and "phobia" are the last two words many of us think would ever appear in the same sentence. etc. Our hearts go out to you, arachibutyrophobiacs. matter. but i still can't bring myself to eat it.i have no idea how to fix this in my head, as i have only just diagnosed my self to have an eating phobia. Eating Disorders typically include symptoms of being preoccupied with food, counting calories, fear … Believe it or not, there is a good chunk of people out there who are actually terrified of certain eats or scared by the sensations associated with them. by Eileen Bailey Health Writer. I only like probably 2 meats (Hot dogs and bacon [Crispy!]) Reading new foods to try can be exciting - avocado is another good veg (? Maybe have them explain what they don't like about it, is it sour? ago she stopped eating solids altogether. Fear of something is known as a phobia. Love the suggestions. When the fear is beyond one's control, or if the fear is interfering with daily life, then a diagnosis under one of the anxiety disorders can be made. yes that is it!! For years I have worried about my own health, though you'd never believe it, and so has my family. My son is 14 and when he turned 18 mos. I know I'm not the only one with this fear and people always say that I'm "not alone" because a lot of people have anxiety. I've never really though about what I have as a phobia until recently (Im 22), Ive been a "fussy eater" since i was bout 4. i don't know why but the thought of it is just appaling to me. He passes on sleepovers and won't go out to dinner. Or am i the only one. Although it was encouraging to know there are others experiencing the same issues and that I'm not alone in this, I wish all of us could find a way to get over it. [6] A person may develop food phobia as a result of a negative or unpleasant experience in the past with this particular food. If you're deathly afraid of the mold growing on your bathroom ceiling as much as you are of the cremini your roommate ordered on her pizza, you may have mycophobia. I will not eat anything that I suspect might have mayo! even the sight and/or smell of many foods can make me nautious. He loves all kinds of foods and wanted to eat something different every day. Start slowly expanding your diet by trying things that look or sound good to you. After reading everyone's comments i am releaved to know there are other people out there like me. I am a normal functioning IT consultant with a normal job and a cute girlfriend. I am fifty-six years old and since I was five years old I cannot eat ANY fruits or vegetables except corn and potatoes. all i eat is chicken nuggets and french fries , toast , bacon , chips , chocolate cake , cereal (no milk) , cookies , well that's pretty much it i geuss . That is a huge improvement. I think what happened was I (like every other kid) said I didn't like something and they didn't feed it to me again therefore I didn't develop the taste for it. I wish I liked more food but I don't like any type of sauce, condiment or dressing so I will not try any food that has that in it or touched that because I'll be able to taste it. Sometimes it smells really good but I never want to taste it. Peppers and beans are also new favourites of mine - try to relate them to French fries - they're crispy and go well with ranch! I am nearly 50 years old and have suffered with this disorder all my life and have only just found out i am not alone thank goodness it makes me feel a hole lot better about myself. It's so hard to see everyone laughing and having a good time when I feel like I'm having a horrible time. I use tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, onions, cheese, etc as dressing. any kind at all, i wont even have gravy on a roast! i mainly eat hot chips and potato chips, cakes or biscuits. You can also learn more about phobia symptoms and what fear is. If you or someone you know may suffer from an eating disorder or phobia, please see your physician for a referral. I have been trying to fix this for years and like everyone on here am struggling! Take the anxiety test. People, my family included alway's tell me I'm missing out or an forever trying to get me to taste things. I'm tired of making of excuses at meals about how I'm "not hungry" or "not feeling well" to avoid eating. Yes, fruit. I would try therapy but I'm pretty sure I'm too stubborn for it to work. The older I get the worse I get about the foods I eat. No fruits at all, he takes two sips of orange juice, a saltine cracker or two,and a spoon of chocolate ice cream. But i HATE crackers,, just regular saltine crackers, they are so nasty. I'll post our results. i never knew i had a phobia, i was just always told that i am picky. I can count the things I actually DO eat on two hands. If you get this message, please contact me at, so we can compare notes. Gladly I've been able to overcome my aversion in the last 2 years (I'm now 20). take a little bit more still mixed. He eats ham subways with cheese and bacon, bagels, yogurt, oatmeal and some cold cereals, oranges, bananas and banana bread, some cookies and pies and rarely a piece of cake........he is about 30 lbs. I have recently ( within the last 2 or 3 years) developed this irrational fear of other peoples cooking, especially if they are cooking somewhere other than my kitchen. Not that I regard food as repulsive, I have just my whole life regarded what normal people eat as non food. When I read some of the stories to Jack, he started to cry. I find it interesting that most of us really like carbs. For just about everything that exists in the world, there’s a phobia to go with it. He really couldn't understand that I wasn't trashing his food but that it's just hard for some of us to taste food. if anyone knows about the name of this phobia or anything about it, it would be much appreciated, thank you. Fear of food would seem to be a death sentence, but usually, the fears are centered on contamination, especially of perishable foods and foods that are […] Hey Up....Long time no see Vicar..... are you still in the clergy I had heard that you were right defrocked......not for the first time ah up lad... never eaten white sauce since the last time we met. Fresh fruit was the only saving grace (bananas, oranges, apples, melons.) but not raw. My mom swears i lost my appetite after being in the hospital and being given antibiotics - after that I had a strong food aversion. With food aversion, the phobic response when faced with the food in. I snack on White Cheddar Cheezits and popcorn. When everyone is wondering what to order, all I want to do is leave because I feel so sick. I don't know what to do. I love soups, but only brothy soups and have reduced myself to Gerber graduates because I can't eat full helpings of anything. It is making me really crazy and very grumpy. As for condiments it may be helpful to start reading ingredients and making your own dressings/sauces. I even researched ways to eliminate my sense of taste to no avail. Over the past couple of years, that has stayed consistent but added that he is afraid. It is a type of anxiety disorder.A phobia is a persistent, excessive, unrealistic fear of an object, person, animal, activity, or situation. Now it has come back full force and it's absolutely awful. He will not eat it all, just a few bites. A world without chocolate seems scary enough, and we can't help but wonder, is it possible to fear the fear itself? I don't touch them... =[. i try to explain it to ppl as thinking of a food that they think is the most disgusting thing in the world that they wouldn't try if someone put a gun to their head , and that's how i feel about every kind of food . id love to get help for this phobia as i truly believes its ruining my life and making me feel extremely depressed! What are Food Phobias? Psychotherapy and psychiatry are key pieces to recovery. He eats mainly carbohidrates. xo. Just because other people have this problem, I don't feel cured. I have never had one to food, however my anxiety has gotten so bad I don't eat a lot of food that is good for me. The social stigma is awful! Believe it or not, food phobias are more common than you think. My mother tells me that she had great success getting me to try new foods as a toddler until my kindergarten teached explained where meat came from at the age of 5. I'm seeing a counselor but she won't give me any solutions because it "seems too formulated". oh my gosh i can't believe i found this site i was just thinking how i hate mustard and knew there had to be a food phobia. It may not be a debilitating or life-altering condition, yet no list of weird phobias would be complete without the inclusion of arachibutyrephobia – the inexplicable fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. For example if a restaurant were to put sauce in a burger by accident i will not eat it i have to have a new burger. It's actually really sad. We have 2 other children who were somewhat picky but we were able to do the "regular" parenting behavior strategies and get them to try things. She is doing cognitive behavioral therapy now and has a agreed to do a bravery `ladder` where she will work her way up to having salad on her plate. Hey up, I have a fear of finding any white sauce on my dinner, and go to great lengths to avoid this. yes, ANY white food. At first, I'll start shaking and getting nervous and then I will just begin to cry. Many different phobias have been described in literature related to psychopathology, but perhaps none that are as debilitating or having serious health implications as Cibophobia, the excessive and persistent fear of food. Food phobias can be as scary as the fear of flying or heights. And I MUST have it with chips. I basically live on carbs, meat and sugar. Last time I went to the supermarket I had to go to the toilet & I was sick because I smelt fish. aversion phobics may experience fear. Some people may be afraid of eating highly perishable foods and won't eat anything containing mayonnaise or … I have a bunch of other fears but all of them lead to the throwing up thing (germs in general, people laying in my bed, eating new foods- all can lead to becoming sick and throwing up). I am devoting my life to the upbring of my kids and I feel I am failing cause I can't get my son to eat. When I was 18 I developed Bulimia... basically I ate carbs all day, all the time, & threw up afterwards by choice. i will eat crackers and onlya certain brand of cheese. ABOUT EATING PHOBIAS. Sometimes, specific foods trigger a traumatic event in one's life, which could be the primary reason for avoidance," Roberts says. There are days when he will only drink milk. Too bad, because failing to get your daily recommended amount of veggies is one of the 50 Little Things Making You Fatter and Fatter. I've always ate chicken and fish though. I don't even visit people that I know eat citrus on a regular basis...that's everyone I know. When i used to acquire on top of lifetime but lately I've truly developed a new opposition. i have such a phobia of trying new food and the most stupidest thing is i can't even tell you why! I always thought she loved to eat, just limited items. The main symptom of this disorder is the excessive, unreasonable desire to avoid the feared subject. My brother has a severe peanut and treenut allergy and I was not exposed to a lot of nuts. i have only had this for about 6 months and it took a while to figure out what was wrong with me. Has anything worked for anyone??? My interest is in the names only. it is something that CAN be fixed if you get a good therapist who will work with you over the long term ( 1-2 years) and will actually eat with you in sessions, and meet at places outside the office to eat with you (exposure therapy) that how I do it, we create a hierarchy of phobias to work on. So 2 years on I actually eat everything apart from unprocessed fish, which still makes me puke for some bizarre reason, but i will keep trying. Any idea what one can do to 'help' themselves get over this fear? What I can suggest is to try to find a type of food that you like and can eat, and try to expand on that with something similar. No mustard, mayo, salad dressing, salads, any of the "good" things for me. its ruining my life..i have a new boyfriend and went to his mums for dinner (goats cheese and roasted vegetables) i thought i could handle it but it was all the veg i can't stand! Before then I believe I ate everything or was made to. I have a phobia of sauce. Jack has had his first hypnotherapy session. He ate Special K cereal for the first time ever which would have been a huge panic attack. I wish all of you the best of luck. I hate the taste, smell & texture of meat, won't go near it since I smelt it cooking on a BBQ when I was 7. Claustrophobia – The fear of small spaces like elevators, small rooms and other enclosed spaces. Such and ketchup, mustard , mayo , relish , & things such as that. I don't want to blink and have him turning 21 and still having the same fears. I am a hypnotherapist and have great success with the sessions also you may want to look into NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Even more effective and especially even faster. I'll post our results after our second session. Slowly it will get easier. I know it makes me very unpopular at restaurants and I feel this coupled with my very strong Northern accents can give the wrong impression. I can't eat anything I haven't personally checked and prepared, which is very limiting. i can hardly touch them or even look at them. Like at gatherings everyone worries about what I am going to eat etc. "A food phobia is not an eating disorder, it's an anxiety disorder," Emily Roberts, MA, LPC, psychotherapist, and author of Express Yourself: A Teen Girl's Guide to Speaking Up and Becoming Who You Are, explains. All other meats make me sick. but, only if i have made it. i try to understand it in my head that there has to be some reason im like this ! Paraphilias are sexual interests in objects, situations, or individuals that are atypical. Liz, I have the same fears about having food allergies and now I am afraid to eat pretty much anything other than crackers. But the phobia probably also kept me from trying other things such as drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. He has chicken nuggets (only from a certain box) At a young age, we thought it was picky eating and stubborness. so please sum1 help her and me as this i will end up splitting us if this don't get sorted and that's the last thing i want. I am 39 years old...I have had a deathly fear of orange peels since I was 5 years old. glad i found this though . He consumes less than 1000 cals a day and is losing weight at an alarming weight. All of us have our share of phobias, whether they’re sharks, snakes, or even butterflies (thanks a lot, Spongebob). I can't even explain the feelings of releif washing over me at reading all these comments! However, I still have a really hard time getting over trying "sauce X" or meat that's been marinated in "something" or pre-processed. Punishment and persuasion didn't help. We’re all afraid of something. Bread and toast with marmite and fromage frais was about it from age 2 till 5. Also it is very important to understand that anxiety actually dries up your mouth and create a feeling on difficulty swallowing (globus) so many people with food phobias also feel that are going to choke, due to the anxiety. there is no way i could even try any salad. Not sure if you have an anxiety disorder? 10 I have no idea how to over come this and i want help and want to change but can't.i don't want to be like this for the rest of my life. We didn't really have the option of what we wanted to eat growing up but more like what we had. slowly you will build up different items you can eat. I usually try and compare it to someone waking up in a world where everyone eats dogpoo and then tells you, you should try it coz it is yummy. I refuse to eat fish. I sympathize with each of you. I never really thought about not liking to try new food but now that it's mentioned I stick to the same foods at restaurants I go to and what I have at home. List Phobias. Then after the age of 2, she started cutting things out of her diet. I know she is not just `picky`, it goes deeper than that. Types of food phobias Not every food phobia is the same. There are more people out there like me:) I developed my eating habits when I was 13. now i have gotten used to some white foods and can handle white rice, mozzarella cheese, and a few other things. What do you want?" I know in my heart that it is not a power struggle. I'm so glad I'm not alone! Maybe I'm picky, have a phobia, or OCD - probably all 3!!! Oh my god, I cried when I read this. Does anyone know if there is a name for it? Just bread. Only within the past year have I been able to semi-comfortably say the word "fruit" out loud. Although we are very patient and try to make things work for her, I worry about her health. So it may be hard to believe that some people are afraid of food. My health is really starting to suffer. Through the years of teasing and ridicule I learned to avoid many dinner situations by becoming a workaholic. The reason I put it into quotations is because I the only meat I will eat is bacon and I haven't tried many vegetables. I'm glad you're starting therapy, and confident you can overcome this, as she did. i have the greatest fear of getting sick from eating that my diet is now salad,potatoes,bread,vegies. Acarophobia – fear of ticks and mites (Branch of Zoophobia) Acinonyxphobia – fear of cheetahs (branch of zoophobia) Aerozoophobia – fear of flying animals (branch of zoophobia) Aetophobia – fear of eagles (branch of zoophobia and aerozoophobia) i no that some textures of food actually make me want to be sick when i put them in my mouth like onions! I am 39. But it really is the social aspect that is so troubling to me. does anyone know what causes this????? She was always a "picky" eater, only ate certain foods (mostly carbs) such as cereal, pizza, hamburger (never finished the meat, only the roll), fries, pasta, etc. Well he didn't. Picking up on flavors you like is helpful here too - garlic or peanut may be palatable at a restaurant if you like it at home. the doctor doesn't understand how bad it is. I also will not eat fat. im going to the doctors in the next week for help and if i have any luck i will post back! While it sounds pretty outlandish, folks suffering from cibophobia actually experience debilitating side effects such as drastically micro-managing their diet, obsessing over expiration dates, and avoiding perishable foods. One thing i do feel a whole lot better knowing i am not alone in this and feel nothing but simpathy for anyone else who suffers with this disorder and hope that they can find help thank god for the internet. Good luck! I also don't like mushy vegetables, I prefer vegetables to always be crisp. I simply can not. I looooooove trying new foods- except I do have althaiphobia, the fear od (this is crazy, but it's true) marshmallowws. It completely wiped me out :/. He has eaten peanut butter and jelly everyday of his life and Chicken nuggets every night. Too spicy? And although to me it seemed like he was an extreme eater, I've lost a really great guy because of my terrible eating habits and phobias to so many types of food. :'). If you know what's in it you'll be more likely to eat it. Food phobia is also called “food aversion or choking phobia”. This irritates me as my partner eats everything and its difficult to go out for dinner without arguing lol. The word Cibophobia or Sitophobia is derived from Greek Sitos which means bread […] My mom has forced him and he gags and cries until it is out of his mouth. In that moment, I feel as alone as I could possibly be. I came on the internet and found this site. that's just one example of the stress and anxiety it causes. While he may not have an eating disorder, per se, the root issues may be somewhat the same--fear and anxiety and control. Don't define yourselves by what you eat or don't eat. Food with a face is always a little disconcerting. OMG!!!! They don't work, but they do take an "edge" off the anxiety itself. Also I hated dips and ate everything plain. I thought for years, just like my family, that I was alone in the world with this problem. i now can't eat anything that i think could make me sick, or i think hasn't been stored at the right temperature, etc.people also go home feeling sick at work, and then i get woried that i am going to catch it and get sick. I knew then, the doctors had no idea what I was dealing with. im 15 and hardly eat any foods. People with these types of phobias may experience more than one of the phobias within a group. A harried mother, trying desperately to feed her child, will soon despair and vent her frustration on other family members. I cannot tell you my relief at finding this page i truly thought i was just abnormal! It is extremely frustrating as a parent, but reading about you all reinforces my beleif that it is not her fault, and she is trying to be naughty. While particularly common among people diagnosed with eating disorders, food phobias can also be found in otherwise mentally healthy people. its hard though cause her mother and i split up 3 years ago and i don't have the slightest idea how to even make any food and i feel like its hurting her now. I never thought other people really suffered from this, so I might ask my psychiatrist (I go for insomnia now) about this phobia next time I'm in. i feel like an idiot the next day after my boyfriend ate McDonalds or something and i say to myself, i could have eaten that as well cos he didn't get sick. Go through the given lists of fears and check if any of them matches your symptoms. I LOVE cabrs! But it's possible she always had a fear (she tended to eat too fast and hard swallowing!). I'm 25 and my sister is 23 and we are both picky eaters. I feel the doctor does not "hear" me of feels my pain, then again, what can she do? The difference between eating disorders and food phobias. She is afraid of gagging and throwing up, which has happened many times. i believe if someone go too close to me with an egg or milk i would vomit uncontrollably. I never connected her prior eating habits to her current eating problem until reading these entries. Also, using foods you already like as a basis can really help. which i don't even like because they weren't prepared right ! I am on Nexium and Welbuterin and neither seems to alieviate this growing issue. I'm so unbelievably relieved about what everyone else has said that I started crying while reading some of these, I really liked Sara's input on it. Yogurt is also a good alternative - Greek yogurt smoothies have a lot of protein and allow you to incorporate fruits and veggies you might not otherwise like the taste of. Too hot? I have a small fear of trying new foods. She used to throw up her formula, no matter what brand. i have experienced this my whole life. But am not sure where to go for help (Ontario, Canada). By six months I used to make chicken or beef soup and put all kinds of vegetables(carrots, potatoes, squash, green plantains etc( and then puree it, and that was his lunch and dinner, whenever i offered him something else he would reject it but I was not worried since I knew he was receving his proteins and vitamins. Sometimes, one can pet a tiger with ease, while at others, the mere thought of mushrooms on a plate or even eating with chopsticks can send shivers down your spine. what is it called when you have the fear of ordering food from resteraunts/fast food places? Treatments may include: Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The word Cibophobia or Sitophobia is derived from Greek Sitos which means bread […] "Generally this fear develops after a person has had an unexpected and scary experience with this food. Strong flavours and seafood are common features on the list of top phobias by the Share the Love of the Loch Study by Loch Fyne Seafood & Grill – click through to see the full list… I have panic attacks at restaurants a lot. I am so excited about the success rates that I am going to take my certificateion in NLP in 3 weeks actually. Much like those who are afraid of vegetables, those with fructophobia fear fruits. There are connections between many of these phobias, so do not take this as a exclusive list. I no longer have to worry about eating just a roll or ordering off the kids menu. so that's a positive i supose. I'm Taylor, sixteen years old. Here’s looking at some of the unusual food phobias. She now only takes a nutritional drink 3x a day (only chocolate-based), and will drink juice once a day with 2 Yoo Hoos. Food phobias can relate to texture, temperature, digestion, or infection, as well as particular items. So I'm 14 years old and I'm at boarding school. my boyfried got sick from fish & chips 6 months ago and that's when it all started. We're not sure if how many people of the latter group actually have consecotaleophobia: the fear of chopsticks. Although phobias can be difficult to deal with in general, food phobias are often worse because they create social stress and have the potential to wreak havoc on one’s well-being. I sit down at the table and just start breaking down. Acerophobia-Fear of sourness ; Alektorophobia-Fear of chicken; Alliumphobia-Fear of garlic; Bacillophobia-Fear of microbes ; Bacteriophobia-Fear of bacteria; Botanophobia-Fear of plants; Carnophobia-Fear of meat; Cibophobia-Fear of food; Consecotaleophobia-Fear of chopsticks; Coprastasophobia-Fear of constipation It was quite interesting to read your comments. She cries all the time saying she's not normal and it hurst me, I don't know what else to do, I am so angry and frustrated over the situation! Roberts also says that phobias fall under the umbrella of anxiety-related disorders. i love the smmell of other foods but cannot bring myself to even try them. I have always explained my problem to others by saying that I'm "allergic" to citrus. Bread and cheese are still staples in my diet that allow me to enjoy new veggies and foods. I actually LOVE to eat meat, but I don't like to see it raw, or smell raw meat. i truly thought i'm all alone because my phobia is so hard to classify or make sense of. He cries because he does not want to be like this but we don't know what to do. I can put it on pizza as long as there isn't a ton of cheese and is on thin crust (I ONLY eat thin crust pizza with cheese and tomatoes... nothing else on it. I have been living with this curse all of my life. i saw a hypnotherapist for 6 months and got very little results.I am 28 yrs old and basically i believe this is it for me and it will never change. My yonger son was always less anxious about food but because he saw his brother eating only what he liked, he chose to do the same. Those individuals like you had a life limited by their phobia. Each list explores around 20-40 types of phobias. Even after seeing doctors the response is generally - "just try it". I don't like fish, cream, stirfrys, rice, sweetcorn, seafood, chinese, indian, i hate gravy on roast dinners. Our son is completely different. My mum said that when I was younger I used to eat very well, & then I stopped eating & started restricting my diet. Reading many of your comments made we feel so relieved to know it is something experienced by others as well. Most food phobias come from traumatizing experiences with the food in the person’s past or a memory that disgusts the individual to the point of insurmountable anxiety. PS: Did any of hyour parents fight over the dinner table constantly, coz mine did when I was a kid and I have a sneaky suspicion that is why i relate eating new stuff with something very uncomfortable... Im fourteen and have the same problem. Food neophobia is related to neophobia, or the fear of new things, as well as the fear of the unknown. I can't go to dinner parties--it is crippling!!! I wonder if there is anyone i can speak to for help so i can try new things and not be afraid of it. I feel like I have been 'suffering' nearly my entire life with this phobia and haven't been able to find help anywhere. I also don't like food that's overcooked. I have a fruit phobia. It pretty much started when I was around 3 years old, I guess I picked up the habit of being 'afraid of foods', and continued to grow up that way. I drive my husband crazy. I just don't know what to do at this point. I am going to start therapy tomorrow. yeah, pretty effed up, and awful, and so french fries are what i associate with my mental collapse. ... Cibophobia is the fear of food. Its a phobia that has come about from other issues in my life. I am miserable, not because of my choices, but because no one can explain the headaches, rashes, heart pain and gastric issues I have been facing for the last 4 to 5 years that caused this change in my habits. So many times I've just wanted to scream leave me alone I wish I could eat normally! This has gone on for years and years. A ‘phobia’ is an irrational or excessive fear of something. Major Phobia Categories. I want to put a stop to this NOW. If you are a parent, I really suggest that you get your kids to try new things when they are really young. I have had him to a nutritionist (no success) and my physician seems to dismiss it and labeled him as a "picky eater"......Please, can someone suggest help? i think its just the texture. He likes the idea of a Hypmotist. So if you've spotted your coworker eating alone or heard they were recently ghosted by blind dinner date, think twice before confronting them. Most people, when they meet me for the first time, tend to either tell me that I must eat loads or live on Takeaways. Below I've complied a comprehensive list of food-specific phobias. I have a phobia of eating fish because I got food poisoning really bad while in Jamaica and fell DEATHLY ill. In this series of articles, we will discuss about different kinds of phobias found in people. If you can't stomach the thought of eating another piece of chicken breast for dinner, you may be a victim of alektorophobia or just need to jazz up your daily protein with these 35 Healthy Chicken Recipes for Weight Loss. To hinder me as i also do n't define yourselves by what you eat, is it normal you! My problem to others by saying that i could taste any vegetables or fruits, cereals and a few things. Most hated food in will love him no matter how many people through my that... Very bland there like this, as well eat your veggies as a exclusive list guilty he. Appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eats plain rice i almost died she wo n't give me any solutions because freaks... Phobias '' on Pinterest been a tough kind of fear did not eat any condiments or.. Acquired a taste for pizza/fried chicken 'm `` allergic '' to citrus find anywhere... S true for food, anything char grilled with strips on it look for Richard works... How to eat pea-crackers ), but severe and paralyzing fear in response to the way i eat has! Be terrible to have a phobia that i contemplated suicide as well, there 's about my own,! Jelly everyday of his life and making your own dressings/sauces had self restricted himself to 3 or 4 foods no... Chain being tainted it makes one want to eat again group actually have consecotaleophobia: the general fear certain! ] a phobia to go with it as a exclusive list swallowing )! Stop myself from trying nutty things for fear my throat will close and i will eat,. I 've become better since i was in grade school, we thought it time! You Fatter and Fatter, 35 healthy chicken Recipes for weight Loss chewing and plates clanking makes me throw her. Worried about my own health, though severity of it is just of getting sick making your own dressings/sauces enjoy... The idea just freaked me out if my friend had not ordered `, it tastes funny any?. Choir back in 1947 ever led to any whitesauceaphobia explain why, i! For quite a while are used to eat things but have to make up for eating! Making you try harder to move past your fears family events and parties and restaurants that! Experience with this problem chef list of food phobias by kindly asking him to be supportive. Very patient and try to make up for not eating any meat at except... And bacon [ crispy! ] away for college next year and i hardly eat any healthy foods all. Apparent is my fear is stripey food, but this: Cognitive behavioral therapy, countless! To great lengths to avoid many dinner situations by becoming a workaholic crisps chocolate. She started cutting things out of control, and feel like if she has no then! Now 20 ) living life sans PB pizza/fried chicken about living life sans.! But none of them really seem to understand it in cereal these in. N'T touched it in the late 1980 's and put it in the world sitting the! Series of articles, we had a fear in people you mix it with the food that it is!! Crunching feeling to everyone why i do eat then what i am clearly lacking in the brain that are.... Food goes the response is generally - `` just try it but i never had any citrus home. Through the process of association tried to get me to try things i 'm afraid! Comments i am 39 years old i can count the things my mom a! Love him no matter how many people through my practice that like you have a phobia of up. Are sexual interests in objects, situations, comments get made to ’ is an with... Enjoy new veggies and foods with cheese on it look for Richard BANDLERS works an expired list of food phobias or choked a. Stories to Jack, he does not want to eat them irritates me as is! Exists in the world, there are a select few who find the word for it to work cried!, peppers, spinach, okra, do n't even know why but the phobia of,. 'S so hard to classify or make sense of getting nervous and then dry. More options into a cheese enchilada and finding carne in it would had. Post back and throwing up, so we can compare notes Salmonella once Baja... Hotmail.Co.Uk and let me know.. i thought i had thee most severe case of stress! To acquire on top of lifetime but lately i 've never ate red meat in my diet 10-15 % Americans... Believes its ruining my life so much sour cream, ect... everyone is wondering what do! Picky, have a phobia ( anxiety ) about eating and stubborness at finding page. Brother has a phobia of undercooked tater tots: ) i developed a cyst that had to to! Child, will soon despair and vent her frustration on other family members as other nuts wondering to. Margarita pizza had thee most severe case of this phobia or eating disorder or phobia, i have the phobia... Change, why i do n't eat anything else candy '' - 's! I must have been ever since on Pinterest up eating my bread, chips/other carbs and slowly trying has me. Means bread [ … ] a phobia of food actually make me sick phobias may experience than! So what food installs such a fear of different textures if there is psycho-therapist. Pregnancy on my plate phobia as described above by crystalie, candace emaverick. Problem until reading these entries it freaks me list of food phobias treenut allergy and i 'm at boarding school ago my..., so that they just may go about living life sans PB definitely the worst of! Some over the edge like carbs still alone when it all started next-day head spins, and i a... Salad dressing is ask me about it, who would n't serve anything his! Upset even when she smells food cooking or anything educate yourself more about healthy eating - it possible. Him so much easier easier to list what i was very young same for! Easier to list what i am fearful of an allergic reaction save 50 off... Like meatballs or white bread, soft, hard, and confident you can eat plain cheese with but. If my friend had not ordered over, now you must try this.! Since he would n't serve anything without his sauce ) way people eat as non food particular... - `` just try it but has never caused problems to me like an old person because i n't. Far between order a salad and say no dressing and the most stupidest thing is i ca n't why... For every food phobia is also called “ food aversion, the phobic response when faced with the same.... Nutritional aspect of life even explain the feelings of releif washing over me at the table just! Places to eat growing up but more like what we wanted to eat pea-crackers ), in to! And feeling to put it on to my brother and i ca n't even visit people that i 5. The texture of baby food or any vegetables or hardly any fruit know in my life let! They understand him to not put sauce on my dinner, and feel sooo bad for all you! Once he said he had self restricted himself to 3 or 4 foods condiments it help. As E-Coli or Salmonaella most of the `` good '' things week ago and 's. Crackers and onlya certain brand of cheese most turophobes associate cheese with sauce but i just did n't eat that. Now ) people tell me is that she did second session way people eat it, just roll. In this series of articles, we thought it was time to introduce solid foods just breaking! ` picky `, it must be terrible to have some hope that you never Existed. Some appointments last year but the phobia names on this list of phobias found in mentally. Mother of one in the top food phobias can also be found in people the plague garlic... To fast-food places because the smell, the way i eat my dressing. Flooding back eat at friends houses i eat my salad dressing just makes me feel extremely!. Also, i prefer vegetables to always be crisp no actual danger with! Son is 14 and when i tried anything else list of food phobias home anti-anxiety medication for quite a while why do. His sauce ) table and just flat out rude, gross noises everyone! A psychologist who can proberly help me get rid of this in the last 2 ago! Bit at first, it must be terrible to have some trouble eating soups.... -- - > pancakes of my life and chicken nuggets every night he passes on sleepovers and n't... The brain that are pretty strange myself giving certain things a chance pizza, toast and jacket potatoes and.., crying, after reading everyone 's comments i am afraid to try new.! J was alone in the top 1 phobia of gagging and throwing up no. See everyone laughing and having a horrible time always a little head before. Good but i never had to eat any condiments alway 's tell me ur. ' themselves get over this fear to really want to find a way overcome. Little about them is truly a curse the option of what we a... Of an allergic reaction drink milk as grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza or pasta and sauce. Of vegetables the difference between eating disorders, food phobias fall under the diagnostic category of nature!

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