The past era, as we have often seen in these pages of our blog, enchants and inspires. We are talking with my friend Tools and Goods, in particular, of a golden age for interior design and furnishings: the 50s, the roaring of the post-war period.

If you are sensitive to the charm of the Vintage Style, in particular to the 1950s decor, you will probably have buffet furniture or a wooden sideboard from this period at home. It can be a piece of furniture unearthed in the used or modern markets, but also a family memory, to which you are bound by a direct relationship.

Today we offer you a rather unusual use of this 50s furniture, once destined for the bourgeois living rooms or the dining rooms of that era. Why not put them in the bathroom instead of the usual (and trivial) sink cabinet?

A bathroom with a vintage piece of furniture contributes to the overall style of a home if it is our intention to give character and personality to a modern environment.

There are no new creative recovery solutions for an old chest of drawers to be used in the bathroom for this purpose. Generally, these are houses with Classic or Country Chic furnishings.

On the other hand, it is less common to find a 1950s sideboard on which to place a countertop or built-in sink. In this case, however, it is easier to create a style that combines past and present.

Here are some tips to add a vintage piece of furniture to your bathroom furnishings :

  • Keep the original color of the furniture on which you will insert a modern ceramic washbasin. It may be necessary to treat the furniture so that it is suitable for remaining in a humid environment. If necessary, add a marble top and strengthen the internal structure to support the sink.
  • The choice of whether to prefer a ceramic countertop or built-in sink depends on the height of the cabinet. The standard height for a sink top is about 80 cm, so you have to consider well to understand which ceramic element to choosing.
  • To balance the warmth of wood, keep the walls white. You can use where necessary white rectangular tiles, eventually diamond-cut, that refer to a refined and elegant vintage style.
  • If you want to accentuate the choice of character, opt for a floor with optical black and white decorated tiles.
  • Adding brass accessories (such as a mirror frame, a lamp …) helps to embellish the whole environment with style.

Here then is how an old piece of furniture, found in the cellar or recovered in a market, can continue to inhabit the interiors with a renewed function. It becomes perfect to give the bathroom a really cool vintage touch. Now let’s see some ideas to furnish with originality thanks to creative recycling!

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