Interior designer Amanda Henderson-Marks of Australia and her family mixes old and new in a very harmonious way, vintage with industrial, shabby and natural … a chic industrial style!

Using a neutral palette, the interior designer has created a unique and personal space with antique family pieces combined with objects found in vintage markets and other objects that give the house a soul.

Every room in the living area is rich in tone-on-tone shades, collections of handmade ceramics, piles of books and magazines, works of art, prints, cushions, and throws.

We really like this choice of combining neutral, gray and taupe tones with dark accents, which we find in the blackboard wall and in other details (such as the fireplace, industrial-style lamps, some frames, and ceramics).

The laying of the tile covering, both in the bathroom and in the kitchen, clearly recalls the industrial style, with the rectangular format, the staggered installation and the dark joints.

The main bedroom with its deep blue walls is very scenic. The large windows well-exposed ensure that the room is never dark, despite the use of dark and cold color. This clear difference in tone makes it possible to visually separate the sleeping area from the bright and spacious living area.

If you love Shabby Chic, but you also want a more modern and refined style, this combination with the industrial style can do for you.

Natural fabrics and wood with a lived-in flavor, together with industrial touches create a more modern and personal look. Moreover, this Shabby-industrial contamination is one of the trends in furniture in 2018.

After all, shabby chic has never completely convinced the male world, just as the industrial style has not always found great followers in the female world. This new Industrial Chic puts everyone in agreement for its relaxing shades, the easily customizable look with great visual impact. It is a style without frills that makes use of vintage and recycled objects and is also the favorite of “green” design enthusiasts because it is influenced by the current interest in recycled materials.

This style, which is actually a perfect mix of styles, it is easily reproducible even in your home, although much attention must be paid to details.

Copy the Industrial Chic style :

The key to achieving a chic, unadorned industrial look is simplicity. Avoid excessively flashy furniture and furnishings. The interest and depth in space will be found in the mix of textures, finishes, and light and dark shades.

  • Start with a neutral color palette (gray, white, beige, black), then overlap some warm wood tones. Look for woods that have a little wear. Scratches, knots, and cuts will add authenticity to the look.
  • Also, make sure to add some metal elements. Whether it’s window frames, railings, baskets, but above all, metal and galvanized steel lamps, they will match perfectly with the wood.
  • If you have exposed beams, pipes or bricks in your space, leave them as they are. Industrial chic spaces are often large open spaces presenting these elements.
  • For fun and elegant balance, add some more romantic touches like a retro armchair, a lamp with fabric lampshade, embroidered pillows, a collection of ceramics or prints (see the photos below).
  • In such neutral environments, it is important to play with different textures (fabrics, woods, etc.) and do not fear contrasts: light natural colors are enhanced and stand out if they find some darker accent.

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