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Since bettas don’t like swimming in a current, they will avoid these areas and stay in the calmer parts of your tank. Jun 15, 2015 - Explore Aquahome Aquatics Centre's board "Pleco Fish", followed by 158 people on Pinterest. Avoid fish that are red or have prominent red markings when picking companions for your male. They are a great option for anyone that has never had plecos before. You may be able to keep up to three pygmy corys in a small betta set-up. But this little guy caught my eye. This makes it a good option if you are upgrading your starter tank to a mid size aquarium. In addition, make sure you are upkeeping your aquarium well. Previous page. By Irish, 4 years ago on Tropical Fish. Can Harlequin Rasboras Live with Betta Fish? They hang out on the bottom of the tank, far from the top level of the tank where bettas typically spend most of their time. Tankarium is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to They tend to swim in the middle layer of the tank while bettas will swim closer to the top. Please note: bettas can be kept in tanks as small as 1 gallon with proper care. The first is that they simply grow too large. There are some species that are cheaper and more common. The Common and Sailfin species can grow to about the size of your whole tank!! There are also small pleco fish breeds that will complement a small set up, and they include: 1. If you want to keep your betta fish in a bowl, I recommend getting a bowl with a volume of at least 2.5-3 gallon (10-12 liter). Pitbull Pleco And Betta. However, bettas are very picky about their tank mates. Antwort Speichern. They are very peaceful and will do well in a smaller community tank, especially since they are quite small themselves. I was wondering if ghost shrimp, maybe a small school of tetras (I've heard that neons and cardinals are generally peaceful and not prone to fin nipping), maybe a pleco and one of those Marimo moss balls would be good candidates for a community tank with a betta. Bristlenose Pleco. They are an excellent fish to live in a smaller tank by themselves. The general rule of thumb for aquariums is to allow a minimum of 1 gallon of water for every inch of fish in the tank. Their curled shell resembles the horn on a ram, and they come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. The common pleco is a bad addition to that aquarium, for a few reasons. They are super active now. As you know, they’re called Siamese Fighting Fish for a reason! If your pleco is the common variety, then you need to have it in a 20 gallon (minimum). These shy schoolers are native to the forests of Southeast Asia and prefer densely planted tanks with dim lighting and plants growing along the top of the tank. Avoid fish that swim slowly or have long fins, such as angelfish. Like the neon tetra, these friendly fish are best kept in groups of 10 or more. You can even keep several females together in a sorority if you have enough room! This is probably the most common smaller pleco out there. You’ll constantly see your shrimp cleaning the foliage and substrate in your tank. Once you have the correct size pleco tank though, you can begin putting in other decoration. 529. Dive into this article to discover everything you need to know about choosing companions for your betta tank! I have an aquarium with an african dwarf frog, 5 white clouds, a male betta, and a pleco. Clown Pleco; Panda Cory; Pygmy Cory; Shoaling and fast swimming species are also a good choice for the tank. Yea id have to agree the smallest pleco i know i believe gets 3" and is a L046, it is also a carnivore and needs a larger tank. They won’t bother other fish or fry. It happened. Very Small Pleco Species? Here’s a list and description of the best species to house with bettas. These small 4-inch long bottom-dwelling scavengers have beautifully stripped bodies that blend in with your decorations and substrate. Another favorite of mine, the green neon is an especially good option for housing with male bettas. Beste Antwort . You could keep a betta and a smaller bristlenose pleco together fine in a 10gal or so tank. How big of a tank do you need to start a community aquarium? Bettas are often sold in small “Betta bowls” or flower vases, when in fact they need much more space than that. This thread is archived. They get to about 2 inches, max. They are a good option for community tanks 30-gallons and up. Otos are small schooling catfish that grow to a maximum of 4-inches long but are usually smaller. If you are going to get plecos then you should stick to rubberlip, pit-bull and clown plecos, as they grow smaller than a lot of their counterparts. While I can’t sum up the entire list of 57 species in a sentence, they are all appropriate options for betta community tanks if you take the right precautions. For this reason, bettas don’t pick fights with loaches or really mess with them at all. Your email address will not be published. The problem is two fold. 5-Gallon Betta Tank on Amazon. While they may be sold as suitable for small betta tanks, the truth is these guys keep growing and growing. The most popular freshwater shrimp in the aquarium trade, adult cherry shrimp grow to a maximum size of 1.5-inches. cave. These silver colored tetras with black markings grow to around 1 to 1.5-inches in length. When I added him, I took my betta out so that he would have time to get used to his new home before adding a predator. They can grow up to 1.5-inches in length and have a bright red body with black markings on their bodies and fins. The Pleco can reach two feet in the wild, but generally closer to a foot in captivity. 12"-18" for the common species, so you will need a big and well filtered tank. You probably don’t want to add more than 3 harlequins to a 10-gallon with a betta, though. Your betta might snack on the smallest snails but the adults are usually too big for them to eat. Picked him up yesterday. They enjoy snacking on the driftwood and algae in your tank and will likely eat anything your betta misses. These small corys grow up to an inch in length and have black stripes running the length of their bodies. The Robinson R22 Beta II is a two place, light utility helicopter with responsive handling and quick maneuverability. Even though they’re small, they still like having a lot of room to swim around in and forage. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Plüsch Betta Kampffisch Shrimp Garnele Green Pleco bei eBay. The recommended tank size for clown plecos is 20 gallons at minimum. 11 Antworten. I wont be getting one anytime soon but I love plecs so much. Your betta and pleco will be happiest together in a large aquarium. Then for my birthday my sister got me a male Betta. While they can swim upright, they often prefer to stay inverted. With a larger tank you’ll have more room for small fish that wouldn’t usually be a good option with male bettas, since you can have a big group of them. They grow to a maximum of 3-inches but some varieties are smaller. I had three in my twenty long (plus a single female betta) with no worries, but then eventually upgraded them to a thirty-something with more wood and more floor space. Relevanz. Worry not, unlike cichlids and anabantids, bristlenose plecos generally aren’t able to harm your other aquarium fish while they are breeding. Putting a plecostomus in your tank with a betta will require a great many things to be considered. Some varieties also have swirls or other unique markings that really make them stand out in your tank. When he hit 24-inches in length I had to rehome him because he started eating my community fish! Just like their name suggests, the betta fish is prone to fighting, thus, they are very dominant and might often be involved in sparring with other species. If you get young shrimp that are only ½-inch long your betta could end up eating them. You’ll definitely want to supplement their diet, or they might just start eating your plants and the other fish’s food. You can also give them algae … "stingray Pleco" And Little Rhom Lurking In The Background. He is abt 3 1/2" now. These peaceful algae eaters prefer tanks with a lot of plants and places to hide, but one or two should work in a small betta set-up. Yes. May be golden/yellow, purple, blue, black, white, or albino colored. I had a common pleco for over 5 years in my 55-gallon community tank. They are smaller and lack the elaborate tails of the fancy-types, but the male fish may still be brightly colored and have distinct scale patterns. In a 10-gallon tank, you could fit a single betta and up to five inches of other fish. Upside down cats love to scavenge for food on the underside of your plants and decor. They will take advantage of any of the crevices in your decor, often to funny effect. Plecos are great at keeping algae away, it’s their main job. and she helped put him the 1 gallon and put my female Betta in the smaller tank. Another reason that they are popular is the long lifespan that they have. These are busy fellows. They do well in planted tanks with dim lighting and will school if they’re in a group of 6 or more. They are social fish who prefer to be in groups of at least 5, or they tend to hide all the time. Your betta might pick on other fish if they don’t have enough room. The cardinal has the reverse coloration, with a metallic blue stripe edged along the bottom in bright red. Your betta will eat any offspring a mixed-gender group might produce, though. If you opt for blue tetras, keep an eye on your tank and be ready to remove them if they cause problems. Closely related to Mollies and Swordtails, platys are a peaceful livebearing fish that come in a wide range of colors and scale patterns. Rules of thumb to follow when searching for companions for your male betta: Fish that scavenge on the bottom of your tank or hang out on the sides are usually good options as companions for a male betta. You could keep a betta and a pleco together, but check the size that the pleco will grow too. They prefer to dig through your substrate looking for food and require a densely planted tank with lots of hiding places. So now I am down to one female Betta. Use rocks, sticks, plants and other decorations to create distinct areas and hiding spots in your tank. Both bettas and plecos will not do well in dirty and stagnant water. Larger groups are less likely to entice your female bettas into fighting as well. This is a great option for tanks 30-gallons and up, although their golden color makes them a bad choice for tanks with male bettas! While they may be sold as suitable for small betta tanks, the truth is these guys keep growing and growing. These peaceful community invertebrates do well in tanks of all sizes and may quickly reproduce. Betta with Pleco in 10 gal. Like the albino variety, the panda requires a densely planted tank and smooth substrate to prevent injuries to their whiskers. He's been that size for about 7 months, so I don't think size will be an issue, especially sice I currently have 1 inch of fish in a 10 gallon! So, in that sense, breeding bristlenose plecos provide no risk factors to your betta fish. You may be able to keep 2 to 3 guppies of either gender in a small tank with a betta. While they prefer a planted tank they don’t require the low lighting the other types usually need. Your betta sorority will likely ignore their activities since they concentrate their action in the lower parts of your tank. I just introduced a small (about an inch long) bristle nose pleco into my 10 gallon tank that has housed my male betta for about 2 days. Cory catfish are best kept in groups of 6 or more and most will grow to a full size between 2 and 3 inches long. For tanks 30-gallons and up, the panda cory can be a fun addition. Even though bettas are territorial and males tend to be especially aggressive, they don’t do well in semi-aggressive or aggressive community tanks. The Queen Arabesque Pleco is a small sucker catfish with a marbled pattern. They’re mellow and feed on algae and debris in your tank. Plecos tend to mind their own business and bettas have no reason to show aggression towards plecos since there is little resemblance. My betta hasn't acted agressive towards the other fish and i've had them all together for months. Check out the Bristlenose Pleco Wiki and if they are right for your aquarium. So how do you pick the best betta tank mates for your aquarium? I just got a new pleco 2 weeks ago. See more ideas about pleco fish, fish, plecostomus. tank . Prefer brackish (slightly salty), saltwater, or aquariums with a high water pH. As an added benefit, neons/tetras are very hardy fish. While they tend to be shy, they are social among themselves and are best kept in groups of three. These guys are strong swimmers and can easily evade your male betta. Oto cats love lots of hiding places and a heavily planted tank. While they don’t really eat algae, they are scavengers who will eat leftover food and detritus on the bottom of your tank. They enjoy a planted tank but need plenty of room to swim to remain happy. They prefer slightly soft water but tolerate a wide range of conditions. Goldfish prefer cool water, the pleco and betta warm. After one week I have noticed that the Betta is blowing bubbles (yay), however, the water is getting cloudy. These striped 3-inch long schoolers make a great addition to a community tank and are very popular options for betta sororities. These fish grow to about 4-inches in length and you can keep them solo or in small groups of 3. He is a really laid back betta (compared to my other bettas). They are best kept in groups of at least 3 and are ideal for 25-gallon tanks or larger community aquariums. If you’d just like to add a couple of invertebrates to spice up your small set-up, then you may be able to stick with your existing tank, heater and filter. Thank you so much Jen ! There are a few species of smaller Plecos. They do best in a small group, and they’re active during the day. These shimmering fish look like a school of diamonds swimming together. If you breed your Betta in a smaller tank, your Betta is more likely to feel threatened or afraid, no matter how compatible they might seem with their ‘tank mates’. This breed is another peaceful freshwater fish, perfect tank mate for your plecos. Aquarium crevettes abri crevettes habitat crabe grotte de poisson rouge cachant fry race grotte cichlide poisson maison aquarium céramique grotte de crevettes cacher ♥ ♥ ♥ fait à la main avec amour dans le Michigan ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ La décoration d’aquarium construite à la main est la cachette parfaite ou Since you’re looking for Pleco Fish tank mates, we can’t leave the Platies out. They are vulnerable to being nipped at by other fish and males may attack their tankmates as well. These golden colored fish have a black stripe running down their bodies and tail, which makes them look a bit like a penguin.

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