We of Houses and Interiors like to be able to stimulate creativity by looking at houses that move away from the usual paths. This apartment in Andalusia (perhaps a successful render) in a newly built complex, has been furnished with an eclectic approach, using an intriguing mix of color textures and patterns to give shape to a non-trivial home.

The eclectic style in furnishing is a combination of different styles and periods and offers the possibility to show off one’s personality.

Of course, it’s not a style for everyone: there is a thin line between a beautifully eclectic living room and a room that is simply chaotic and kitschy. Furnishing rooms in an eclectic style does not mean refusing any rule. The most successful eclectic spaces are able to put together seemingly disparate shapes, textures, and colors, using some tricks to keep everything in harmony.

The eclectic style here is fresh, contemporary and exotic. Natural materials and different textures help create a background that welcomes color accents and collections of disparate objects, all in perfect balance.

The walls of the entrance are in the green forest. A wall of that color also continues in the living room, adding a touch of vintage charm thanks to mismatched chairs and wicker furniture, while a subtle hint of industrial style is introduced by the lamps. Baskets and other ethnic objects are placed here and there. The relaxation corner is delicately boho chic, welcoming and restful.

The apartment also recalls a Scandinavian aesthetic, with its wooden floor, white walls next to soft fabrics with geometric designs. While the eccentric element, which is an eclectic decor can not fail to attract attention, is the series of flamingos and herons in the entrance that takes their cue from the picture in gold and mauve. Thanks also to the mirror, the whole creates an interesting setting.

Here the creation of a common color combination helps to create cohesion, in the game of different woods, metals, and fabrics.

The eclectic style is also known for the use of unique decorations: collections of ceramics, lamps, and mirrors along with larger pieces such as carpets, paintings, sculptures.

In a style where there are many visual stimuli, it is also important to have less “loaded” spaces to balance. The small kitchen, all white and with a linear design, serves this purpose while maintaining some color accents.

Even the bedroom has a clean design, interrupted only by the traditional Spanish headboard, which was painted mauve as the background wall, creating a pleasant light and dark. While as an accent we find the two bedside tables and the cushion of a vibrant electric blue.

Copy the style, even just to give the living room a new look

  • Mix styles, textures, and patterns keeping a common thread in the color palette
  • Use some unexpected color contrasts
  • Give importance to fabrics and don’t forget the rugs
  • Embellish the walls with collections of mirrors, paintings or other objects
  • Add your personal touch with some unusual decorations

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