Let’s leave aside for a time the traditional and maximalist style and let us be inspired instead by the Ethnic Chic and Minimal! You will discover that there is a freshness in the simplicity and essentiality of the decorations of which you knew nothing. Let’s see how to combine ethnic motifs and minimal Nordic design.

It’s what Shelley Street chose to do, in its home so far from Scandinavian latitudes. Moreover, it is said that opposites attract! And so we meet an ethic and minimal Christmas.

We are in South Africa and here we find a Nordic color palette for Christmas: black and white and some hints of dark blue and wood. For a minimalist Christmas, the black and white is super trendy! Thanks to these nuances, elements of very different origins have been united. The Christmas decorations, in fact, are a mix of local African craftsmanship, traditional elements and “Scandi” inspirations that make the simplicity of forms, sobriety, minimalism the notes from which to draw.

After all, the owner chose white as the protagonist of all the interiors of her home: we find it both in the resin floors and in the walls, both in the frames and in the ceilings. But as often happens in the Scandinavian style, some black accents in the furnishings and accessories create an interesting contrast and give depth. Christmas decorations do not deviate from this palette and style.

An ethic and minimal Christmas can be the kind of simple holiday style you’re looking for. If you want to copy the style, first of all, opt for a simple tree made of branches painted in white, for example. Decorate your tree with ethnic wood decorations (like the delicious hand-carved birds) and optical balls. Minimal is the watchword: few things but cleverly put together.

For the Feast table, look for runners and napkin rings with an ethnic and sober flavor, dishes with graphic designs and glasses that are a mix of tradition and design.

Garlands do not have to be large and showy. In homes in northern Europe, no wreath is considered too small. it is always a resource for Christmas and winter home decor. Group them together on a shelf, hangers one on the window handle or a wardrobe.

Even the wrapping paper for gifts can be chosen in black and white or geometric designs.

Here are the other images from which to draw inspiration for an eclectic and minimal Christmas.

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