In the last decades, the choice of white for wall painting has conquered the whole world of interior design. Instead of being associated with a lack of personality, white is now celebrated as a way to accentuate the character of a space, of furniture and of architecture.

We all know its main qualities in furnishing: it makes an environment seem larger and airier, making a dark room brighter. But there are also other properties of white. There is a reason, in fact, that in the graphic we often use white as a background: this color has an incomparable way of bringing out all the elements. And the same concept applies to interior spaces: the white-painted walls allow furnishings, accessories, and fabrics to be the center of attention.

Even if we at Case and Interni love some small accent of more vivid color on the walls (or a dark scenographic tone, or a well-considered neutral …), we also agree that white can be seen as one ideal background for any space. No matter the style is chosen, from shabby chic to Scandinavian, from minimalist to contemporary, white is a timeless classic that always works.

Of course, it’s easy to say white! Believe it or not, there are hundreds of nuances. But the type of white is not only distinguished in the undertone (warmer or colder), but also in the finish. Well yes, there are lots of variations, even within a single simple and neutral color like white.

For example, the White 309 acrylic eco-friendly paint by Oikos is an interior paint that allows for a very pleasant finish to the touch: the surface can have a velvet-like feel! This type of interior paint is in fact completely opaque and is perfect for environments such as the living room and the bedroom.

A white living room is a timeless classic and an eat-in kitchen follows. The living areas are the heart of the house and for them, it is good to choose a shade of white silky and refined, so as to make them more comfortable, thanks to the use of lighting designed to create the right atmosphere.

The potential of a white background is extremely stimulating. White for the living room, in particular, creates a canvas that you can decorate in different ways even seasonally. 

Whether you love to inaugurate the autumn with splendid warm, earthy and burnt tones or to switch to fresh and pastel colors in spring, an interior completely painted in white, with furnishings and floors in neutral tones, gives you the versatility to easily renew the look! Just a few elements of accent, like pillows, throws and small objects (vases, candles, frames …), to create a comfortable and welcoming home. Look at white as a new beginning to do what you want and go where your creativity takes you!

Oikos White 309 paint, being opaque, will create a low reflection appearance that is also perfect for hiding small defects. And if we talk about technical performances, they are absolutely excellent and high, like those of yield, coverage, breathability and, last but not least, washability. We all care about the signs that are left on the walls over time. Thanks to its special formulation, the White 309 paint makes the wall resistant to dirt and rubbing, making it an interior painting suitable even for the most lived-in environments of the home and those of greater traffic. This is how your white stays clean and shiny for a long time.

Let the power of white add an immediate impact to your home! And find the right inspiration in our gallery!

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