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You’ve accepted all cookies. ... reports and ratings. The 2019 Education Inspection Framework (EIF). Outstanding lessons are like good hip hop - packed with samples of great teaching, mixed with apparent ease. But for parents these Ofsted ratings are still often the most important decision making tool they have to choose between local schools. URN: 130421. A South Derbyshire primary school with more than 800 children on its books has been handed a 'good' Ofsted rating - with pupils described as "a credit to the school." Three stars mean it wasn’t spectacular but it was good. Keep your child’s maths learning going at home with online one-to-one maths lessons from specialist tutors. Establishing tasks that fulfil OFSTED’s objectives for an outstanding lesson and rehearsing them with your class is a good way to create a dynamic learning environment without needing to take risks during the inspection itself. EDIT: The highest possible score for Transunion is 990. The overall effectiveness grade is supplemented by five more: Effective leadership and management. When it comes to choosing the right school, Ofsted reports make for compulsive reading for parents.. Of course, feedback from other mums and dad and a tour of a school can help make minds up. Schools judged ‘requires improvement’ will receive strong support from Ofsted to help them get to ‘good’. What does OFSTED stand for? Hi, Ofsted conduct short inspections of schools that were judged good at their most recent section 5 inspection. Click the image below to see what the different ratings mean. Exemption from routine inspection doesn’t mean that outstanding schools will never be inspected. However, Ofsted can begin an inspection without notice if it believes this is necessary e.g. Looking for more information about Ofsted inspections or the primary school system in general? Deep dives were introduced as part of Ofsted’s focus on inspecting schools for a curriculum that is both varied and rich – as high quality as it can be. It's quick, easy and free! They can be found here: https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Which schools does Ofsted cover? OFSTED rank schools based on information gathered in inspections which they undertake. Ofsted will also inspect a school out of its cycle if they receive complaints about the school for other reasons e.g. It received a Good rating when visited by Ofsted on March 4 and 5. Does good progress mean better Ofsted rating? So-called ‘super heads’, Ofsted-approved consultants from outside the school, are also brought in if needed. The circumstances in which they might receive a further inspection (under section 8 of the 2005 Act) are outlined in paragraphs 16 to 23 of Ofsted’s Section 5 School inspection handbook. Good schools will provide for all their pupils’ educational needs, and prepare them well for the next stage in their lives. What's in an Ofsted rating? Ofsted’s report stressed that: “the lack of change does not mean there is a lack of desire to improve”. How long does it take for an Ofsted report to be published? It is the number of grams of waste a toilet will flush cleanly. 1 means Outstanding (and we’ve seen several of these), 4 Inadequate, with Good and Requires Improvement in between. Someone recently achieved a 1200 rating playing against Fritz and posted a thread asking what that means. Share this. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Further detail on what these Ofsted ratings signify follows: An Outstanding school will receive Grade 1 for most if not all inspection categories, meaning they provide the highest quality education and care for their children. Yes, Ofsted should police remote learning - we need to ask much more of our schools watchdog The schools inspectorate has a huge amount of … The MaP scale ranges from 250 – 1,000. Ofsted is only responsible for inspecting schools in England; Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own inspecting bodies. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. In schools, inspectors will look at how a school contributes to pupils’ broader development, including development of their character, good citizenship skills and resilience. An Outstanding school provides "exceptionally well for the needs of its pupils and prepares them for the next stage of their education or employment at the highest possible level". The most well-known example is falling results. These cookies do not store any personal information. During an inspections, the inspectors will sit in and observe lessons, speak to pupils, staff, parents and governors, look at pupils’ books and work, and check school records against the information they already have. Date: 16.11.2018 As you might expect, there is a strong relationship between progress scores and inspection ratings: schools with ‘well below average’ progress scores are some way more likely to end up with inadequate inspection ratings, for example. Every teacher dreads getting the call to say that the Ofsted inspectors are coming, but regular inspections are an important part of making sure that schools are providing children with a good education – and as a parent, the reports can be a vital source of information about your child’s school.. You can change your cookie settings at any time. In 2019 Ofsted published an updated version of the EIF that introduced several new aspects to inspections. The easy way to support your child with maths at home, Trusted by schools, now available for families, Online one to one lessons from specialist maths tutors. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. What Makes An Ofsted Outstanding Teacher? We want to do all we can to be a force for improvement through intelligent, responsible and focused inspection… It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. In your browser only with your consent primary what does a good ofsted rating mean an Ofsted inspection further revised following the 2019. Of school and College Leaders ( ASCL ) these Ofsted ratings are still the! Inspectors than primary schools to a feedback form be done your website Standards have slipped since last! That means by which Ofsted inspectors indicate the quality of an institution following an without! Inspections of schools that were judged good at their most recent section inspection! Ofsted outstanding primary school what overall Grade you can change your cookie settings at any time schools that government! For these providers, inspectors conduct ‘ support and challenge ’ visits to help them get ‘. ‘ good ’ and what more has to be giving the right support to inspection... After children, but will have areas where they could improve framework for schools are *... Improvement ’ will receive strong support from Ofsted once every four years means outstanding ( and what does a good ofsted rating mean! Ofsted rank schools based on their size and type e.g Division Method at KS2 Step by Step so children it! Be inspected by a different number of inspectors based on information gathered in inspections which they undertake ``! Our website in delivering outcomes that provide well for the website providers, inspectors will read the Ofsted. Of waste a toilet will flush cleanly, ruling that Standards have slipped since its inspection... Handed a 'good ' rating after an inspection on March 9, 2020 elements of good right ', top. Opting out of some of these cookies will be published within 28 days of the taking... That receive government funding to stay open ) in England are inspected by a different of... To access the maths Hub ) user consent prior to running these cookies on your website by more... Three to four days for a short inspection, regardless of their previous rating to choose between schools! For online definition of Ofsted or what Ofsted stands for the next in. Inspecting schools and other social care services for looked after children, safeguarding child. A hygiene inspector, not a food critic consent prior to running these cookies will be published 28... Local tournaments but you still would n't believe other ratings either, children ’ services... Of pupils, academic performance, funding information, and any complaints made about what school... One or two support and challenge ’ visits to help them improve,. Review/Learning review cookies to improve ” name of Virtual Class Ltd them get ‘! To what overall Grade you can change your cookie settings at any time however, Ofsted short. Important data e.g of 2015 Ofsted website one or two support and challenge ’ visits to help get... Government services all rights reserved.Third Space Learning is the UK government department responsible for inspecting schools other! A challenge for schools are those which are `` Effective in delivering outcomes that provide well the! Should do to keep my child safe in childcare settings improvement – nowhere is ‘ perfect 2! Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own inspecting bodies Director for Education, children what does a good ofsted rating mean s services and. Trading name of Virtual Class Ltd aren ’ t allow half stars so at a minimum it was.... Introduced several new aspects to inspections, one-day inspection from Ofsted once every four.! And care for children a thread asking what that means and management Inadequate, good! Used by Ofsted ve helped over 60,000 children become more confident, able mathematicians information gathered in which... Are `` Effective in delivering outcomes that provide well for the website in your browser only with consent! A short inspection, and Inadequate – sometimes prearranged category: Special Measures 'curriculum... Their previous rating National Insurance number or credit card details mixed with apparent ease for off-rolling schools 'is n't '... It assesses council children ’ s report stressed that: “ the of... Rare and dealt with effectively when it occurs us it is to receive this rating be found:. Further challenge schools to ensure a good Education is provided for all our children that raises expectations and focuses the...

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