A new color palette can give your home a new look, without incurring more demanding jobs, such as a renovation.

This is exactly what the blogger and designer Erin Hiemstra of Apartment 34 did, who chose to work using the color for the house of her friend Chloe Roth.

After years of interiors dominated by white and neutral tones, it’s nice to see courageous uses of color. Furnishing a home with neutral pallets gives security, but the risk is to make it become cold and monotonous. Here is some inspiration to quickly give character to the house with color.

The 1940s bungalow is located in San Francisco, right on the beach. The neighborhood is known for its beautiful houses with caramel-colored interiors and charming period features such as arches and large windows with views. But often there are also houses with “old” styles and of little value, as in this case.

Using a trendy color scheme, the home has acquired new vigor and personality. The apartment is fresh, bright and contemporary, with a Nordic atmosphere adapted and inspired by California.

Some unexpected color accents add depth and variety, personalizing each room.

A fascinating green oil, a soft pearl gray, a retro pink helped to give a new face to every single environment.

In particular, the studio, where Chloe works daily, stands out from the rest of the house, thanks to the wall of an oil green tone, very beautiful and trendy. It is a rich and saturated green that offers exceptional depth and scenography to the simple furniture of the room. It beautifully reflects the light and changes the tones as the day changes.

The living room is dominated by the corner sofa, to entertain and relax. The neutral color palette from gray to white allows you to create colorful accent elements, with abstract artwork and ethnic-inspired cushions. The focal point of the room is a period fireplace that is no longer functional (photo above). It is positioned in a corner, inclined with respect to the rest of the room, so it was decided to highlight the wall with the same green oil used in the studio. 

In the bedroom, we opted for a two-tone look, the classic white and a pearl gray, very calm and relaxing.

Tip: the method of using two colors horizontally for a wall is a trick also used in houses with high ceilings.

The bathroom is the only place where it was decided to emphasize the vintage style of this house. The original 40s bathtub is tiled with white and pink. The tub also has a vaulted ceiling, so why not highlight it? With a touch of pastel pink and a couple of plants, here is a pleasant relaxation and wellness area.

Downstairs Chloe also has a small studio apartment, useful as a guest room, but also suitable for renting for the holidays. Space is comfortable and relaxing thanks to the cool and calm gray-green with which the walls have been painted. In the studios, the transformable, space-saving and multi-functional furniture is a must: the bed is actually a padded bench that opens, a modern version of a futon. This solution has allowed us to create a beautiful living area where to host a friend for a coffee.

Keep scrolling below to see the beautiful images of the interior, to let yourself be inspired and bring some trendy color into your home!

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