Some time ago, recovering, reusing and recycling was an activity of a few, but today nobody can deny the need to take part in the good practice of giving a second life to objects. Among those who follow the new trend of minimalist philosophy (which plans to leave behind objects that are no longer used), among those who are passionate about DIY recovery (as Shabby chic teaches), up to those who love to surround themselves with some furnishings or vintage elements to give character to your home, many think that objects have a second chance.

When you decide to make space at home, it is not a given that the pieces you plan to eliminate are necessarily unusable. Simply, more often than not, they no longer respond to your current needs, but it is likely that those same objects will make someone else happy!

This is the thought behind Mercatopoli, a network focused on an innovative, modern and organized style for Italy, which aims to avoid waste and follow the philosophy of reuse.

Mercatopoli allows you to sell objects that you no longer need in complete transparency, but at the same time, it also offers you the possibility to buy lots of interesting products at very competitive prices compared to the new one. Here savings and quality always go in pairs, because the staff carries out an accurate selection on the goods taken in charge, allowing us to find low-cost products.

Adding vintage elements to any environment is always a good idea, as we often repeat in this blog, in which we propose most often, houses with a mix of styles, which are always the most interesting. Even restoring or giving a new look to a piece, which still has something to say, is a practice that more and more people love to do and share on social media. The wooden furniture is perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with paint and do-it-yourself. Mirrors, cabinets, chests of drawers, sideboards allow any kind of re-looking, color change, finish, and technique. Once finished you have the satisfaction of having recovered and created something unique with your own hands.

So if you are struggling with cleaning and tidying up and discover a lot of objects that you have kept hidden for years, know that those things can become useful for someone else, who may even have the golden hands and DIY passion to turn them into fantastic unique pieces, incredibly beautiful and useful. Mercatopoli is the perfect solution for your used car!

How Mercatopoli works

  • What you want to sell must be clean, functional and in good condition, so make a careful selection. There are so many categories: clothing, accessories, furniture, accessories but also objects, jewelry, paintings, CDs and DVDs, books, sports items, musical instruments, games, and appliances.
  • There are many Mercatopoli sales points throughout the peninsula, here is the complete list. Each store has its own way of collecting items, so it checks the necessary information on the specific site. If the item is bulky, you can contact the store for an inspection and a free evaluation.
  • Then go to the nearest Mercatopoli store with the items to sell. The staff will evaluate each piece, to understand first of all if it is “salable”, then if it is in good condition, then in which department and at what price to sell it.
  • They will deliver you the Mercatopoli card, with which you can register in the My Mercatopoli reserved area and check the status of your items in real-time.
  • Items will remain in the department for a minimum of 60 days, where potential buyers can take them home saving money. If one of the items you left in the store will be sold, you can get 50% of the sale after 15 days. In some cases, articles may have a longer period: all the specifications will still be communicated by the employee at the time of taking charge.
  • If you change your mind, you can pick up the item before it has been sold, within the deadline indicated on the sales mandate.
  • If the item was not sold at the expiry and you did not collect it, it is sold to charities.

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