Today we go to Denmark to visit the home of Christina L. Jensen, who despite living in northern Europe, is a lover of the style of southern France. That Brocante, in particular, which uses objects and small antique furniture recovered from flea markets, to furnish the house.

And it is precisely for this reason that it is difficult to relate all the furnishings of the house to a unique style, which is a mix of Scandinavian functionality, industrial style, and Provencal touch. What comes out of it is a personal, rustic-metropolitan chic style with attention to recovery, re-use and economic or DIY solutions.

Read the post to the end to find tips to copy the style!

The prevailing colors of the city apartment are white and gray (light and dark), which blend beautifully with natural materials, such as leather, wood, aged metal, wicker and green plants.

The architecture of the period house has bright white walls and a bleached fir wood parquet, typical of Nordic houses. Furniture and objects come from local or French flea markets, second-hand shops, cheap franchise shops or even reuse centers.

In the living room, the furniture is very simple and the relaxation area includes a classic-style sofa resting on a recovered bench, which houses some plants, the stereo and a painting that is the work of Christina. Both floor lamps come from Casa shop, a Belgian economic chain, also present in Italy. In a corner near the window, an old vintage leather armchair and another picture of the owner. On the window sill is a collection of vases, in green and black tones.

In the study, the file cabinet is perfect for storing documents and small objects and adds an industrial touch to the environment.

In the renovation, the small dining area was joined to the kitchen, eliminating the wall that divided them and thus visually increasing the space. Here too we find an informal piece of furniture: the Tolix metal chairs and the simple design dining table, personalized by Christina with a pair of wheels.

The kitchen cabinets (without wall units) have been placed along the wall below the window. At one end we find a wall painted with chalkboard effect paint, where Christina designed the outline with the cuts of a cow. Next, to it there is a portion of the wall with exposed bricks (still a rustic/industrial detail).

Under the other window, the owner’s father has created a beautiful bench, which, made cozy by soft cushions, becomes the ideal place to drink an herbal tea or read a book.

The dream of a walk-in closet has been at the top of Christina’s wish list. Here she managed to make it happen, even in a small bedroom with a very small budget!

A low wall is a headboard for the bed (a simple net). Above were mounted old windows purchased at a low price in a reuse center. The separation of the bedroom from the walk-in closet with this glass recovery wall is of great impact and functional to maintain the right amount of natural light in both spaces. For the wardrobe equipment, the owner turned to the inevitable Ikea.

The bathroom, on which no major renovations have been made, still presents the original “terrazzo” floor and the classic white tiles. For this reason, the replacement of the system has been left visible, which is quite unthinkable here. More industrial style than that!

Despite the use of different styles of furniture and different low-cost or recovered furniture, this mix & match is able to give the home a refined and at the same time informal and welcoming look.

Tips for copying the style:

  • For a sober mix & match decor like this, it is necessary to maintain a palette of light and neutral colors, with some dark accents, which help to give depth and make the whole more interesting.
  • If you have a limited budget, focus on a few goods and characterful pieces (like a nice sofa, the filing cabinet …).
  • The artworks help a lot to characterize an environment, but if you are not an artist, like the owner of this house, you can look for prints that keep the same color palette and style. You can also frame some old fabrics or embroideries if you find suitable patterns and patterns.
  • Flea markets, second-hand shops, economic chains and re-use centers (there are also in Italy in many cities) are all places to look with interest if you love this personal and low-cost style.
  • We have often seen the use of glass walls in French homes, presented in our blog. An expedient, especially useful in small rooms, which helps to separate without optically dividing. Here you are saved a little by using recovery windows, so keep an eye on the neighbors, who are replacing the fixtures! If you are afraid of showing the mess, you can also provide a roller blind.
  • If you notice, this house has green plants in every room, which help to give a fresh and vivid note of color.
  • Pay attention to details: chandeliers, vases, boxes, trunks, baskets …

Look at the photos and get inspired!

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