A quick search on Pinterest will show you that white (very white!), Gray and black form the basis of any contemporary Nordic interior.

Yet something is changing. It is no secret that the homes of Northern Europe are gradually abandoning the rigid white-gray-black palette, inserting some shades of non-neutral colors (light, but also dark).

This is the case of this Norwegian single-family house, which adds to the neutral shades typical of the Scandinavian style, sober notes of powder pink, which give a subtle touch of color and freshness.

A couple of years ago Pantone chose rose quartz as the color of the year. We don’t know if Pantone has caused the trend, the fact is that powder pink, powder, pale, pastel has become a welcome color for some time, no longer confined to girls’ rooms.

Despite its versatility and its desire to renew itself, the foundations of good Scandinavian design always seem to revolve around clean lines and quality design that stands the test of time.

In this 1930s country house, the decor is a mix: items bought in flea markets, design pieces, family memories, and some travel.

What Scandinavian style always teaches us is that taste can change over the years, but if you choose good basic furniture, you can easily replace objects, accessories, and textiles and get an easy renewal.

There is also a little DIY / DIY in this house, such as the old wardrobe, bought for little money, which has been painted gray and placed next to the sofa. Or one of the covers of the sofa cushions, which was made by the lady of the house with a dishcloth. Or the bulletin board that was made with a simple plywood panel painted black, like a blackboard, and which helps to show off delicious recipes to try in the kitchen.

Interior decoration is a creative process, therefore individual. Knowing the fundamentals of the style you are trying to follow is important, but remember to add your personal stamp to make your home as unique as you are!

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