Prestigious brands now work in parallel on both formal lines and acoustic performance. Like the Sony HT-SF200 Soundbar, which represents a synthesis of quality audio performance and aesthetics perfectly up to par.

The TV plays an important role in the living room, but now the accessories connected to it also become, like the increasingly present soundbar, which for many of us become a “plus” to be integrated or masked in the surrounding furniture.

But let’s take a step back…

What is a soundbar and what is it for?

It is a bar with loudspeakers, which can be placed near the TV to give it quality sound. Unlike an audio system (with speakers and subwoofers), the soundbar is designed for medium-small environments, because it is of minimum size.

Modern televisions are always thinner but often disappoint in terms of sound. This is why many suggest buying a soundbar. These sound devices connect via cable or wireless and allow you to enjoy a higher quality sound, particularly with models equipped with a subwoofer (the bass speaker).

So, if you are not particularly satisfied with the audio performance of your TV, you can use a soundbar that integrates perfectly with the style of your home. 

Sony HT-SF200 Soundbar

We got to try this model from Sony, a 2.1 soundbar with integrated subwoofer and Bluetooth connection.

Being interior designers, the first feature we evaluated was color: completely black, which makes it suitable for all TVs, since most of us use black TV devices. At the same time, the total white version (HT-SF201) allows you to have an extra option if the furnishing of our house is all or almost based on the white color. 

The particularly compact shape of this Sony HTSF200 Soundbar (which measures 58 x 6.4 x 9.5 cm and weighs only 2.3 kg) makes it very versatile: it can be placed on the TV cabinet surface, without interfering in any way with viewing the screen. Alternatively, the bar can be mounted on the wall, if there is no support surface and the TV is also anchored to the wall.

Design, therefore, is designed to perfectly adapt to the style of every home, completing any room (not just the living room). The minimal line with rounded edges adds something more. 

Sony has always been synonymous with quality, so a soundbar with this brand is needless to say, it’s a certainty. Create a cinematic sound experience even with our old (small) TV, thanks to the integrated subwoofer, which offers deep bass. Moreover, it does not require an additional box, thus avoiding space problems.

If you’re wondering if it’s easy to set up, we’ll answer yes right away! There is an HDMI input, so you can easily connect it to your TV and manage some useful features like coordinate switching on and off. Also, the connection via Bluetooth was very simple and fast. In this way, we could reproduce Spotify and other streaming services via our smartphone or tablet. One more chance to eliminate the clutter of odious cables.

Honestly, I have to admit that the sound of our TV is really bad, but the soundbar is next to it, the sound is something else entirely! We can no longer do without it.

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