The 7 best color combinations for a small bathroom

Different colors and tones not only arouse different sensations but are also able to change the perspective of a room, transforming its visual perception.

Who said that in the bathroom you can’t experiment and play with colors? From neutrals to more vibrant tones, let us inspire you with our proposals for the restyling of your small bathroom. Below we have shared with you our 7 favorite color combinations for a small bathroom. Read more about this here.

White and light wood

Pure whites, warm whites and cool whites: this color never goes out of fashion, indeed it seems to update every time you match it with trendy nuances. Pure whites go perfectly with a modern, eclectic or more rustic bathroom in wood tones. In short, with white is rarely wrong.

In an environment of small size we recommend white together with wood color, ice gray, gold and, why not, even antique pink. In addition, you can not miss the mirrors: use at least two to create a visual effect of depth.

Cream and water green

For a bath that gives the first impact a feeling of airiness and freshness, choose the shades of green for an effect that is also relaxing and elegant. The highest half of the wall is painted in pastel green tones, while the other half is made of rectangular emerald green bricks.

The water green is instead found in the sink cabinet with transparent knobs. For the rest, the cream appears in the color of the bathroom linen and in some details such as the soap set and a picture on the wall.

Beige and dark wood

A beige boiserie adds depth in a small bathroom where the furniture is dark wood color. If space allows, you can create a partition wall that separates the toilet from the bathtub or shower cubicle.

This sort of separé recalls the tones of the furniture but has a different fantasy that recalls the veins of marble.

Alternatively, beige goes hand in hand with white. It plays with floors and walls in shades of turtledove, integrating a small decorative section made of horizontal stripes because these visually create a sense of greater width. The bathroom fittings and the bathtub (or shower cubicle) are strictly bright white while the bathroom linen remains in neutral tones of beige and turtledove.

White and yellow

Yellow used alone can be a bit overwhelming and weigh down small spaces. Use it, therefore, only through accents in a total white bathroom: this choice is particularly suitable in small sizes. Yes because yellow brings joy and color giving personality and character to a more aseptic environment.

Use it for the shower enclosure tiles, for decorative accents on white tiles and, if you really want to dare, also for the door and for some bathroom accessories.

Pink, white and black

An extremely feminine color combination of black and white with pink. The laundry cabinet is baby pink as well as a wall and, to be daring, the washbasin. The white or ice grey marble on the floor and walls illuminates the room and gives it a greater width than it really is.

The black is instead found in the thermo-furniture, in the hooks for the bathrobes, in the sanitary ware and finally in a hanging lamp that illuminates the washbasin-mirror area.

Blue and white
The blue gives a small bathroom a marine and relaxing atmosphere. It uses bright blue tiles for the shower enclosure, which go well with the white of the walls and sanitary ware and the steel of the faucets. Two mirrors placed on two opposite walls visually enlarge the size of the room, playing with the depth effect. Two bath towels are deep blue, as well as a soft rectangular carpet.

Mint green and gold color

A fresh and bright color, mint green in its brightest tones helps a small bathroom to look more spacious. Yes, because this soft but effective coloring, used both in the shower and to paint the walls, visually opens up a small space. Combine it with gold or brass taps and fittings, light wood shelves, towels and bathrobes in ice grey.

Colors for a small bathroom: pictures and photos

Color in a small bathroom, as well as in any small room, plays a key role. Find inspiration for your project and take notes by browsing through the images in our gallery.

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