Today even the windows are a piece of furniture, have you ever thought about it? The windows help to define the style of a home and the personality of those who live in it, to create the stylistic and chromatic framework of the environment, dialoguing with other accessories and furnishings.

The attractive strength of wood

Wood is a material whose magical and attractive strength never goes out of fashion: today there is no other natural material so ancient and loved, so powerful and flexible, at the same time traditional and innovative. Here, if you choose wooden windows, yours can be a very functional decision in defining the style of your home.

Windows as a furnishing choice

The windows furnish, the windows can become protagonists of your home environment thanks to refined shapes, lines and effects. Today the high-end windows made of wood are very detailed. The windows are technically advanced and innovative, aesthetically valid, much to surprise you in offering perfect combinations, with lines and shapes of great effect. The latest generation wooden windows are also made to be part of the furniture in every respect, to define and complete the interior design, be it contemporary, minimal, classic …

Interior design and doors and windows

If you have been following us for a while, you will know that we believe in the importance of giving personality to the home. Of course, the purpose of a window is first and foremost to create an opening in the wall of a building, it serves to give light and air to the interior – as well as to protect the house from cold, heat, inclement weather and external noise. But windows are the center of attention in interior furnishing, they provide the brightness that shapes the space and characterizes it. Think about it: doors and windows are valid allies for the affirmation and / or redefinition of an interior design style, they can refresh, renew and decide an interior.

The color of the wood

Wood, used as a raw material in a window or in an element to furnish the home, can come from different species of trees, it can have a very wide variety of essences, finishes, shades, veins, colors. Today you can choose the color of the wood you prefer, the most suitable for your windows, harmonizing the essences with the interior furnishings, looking for the most valid solutions to ensure that the windows and the various elements integrate perfectly in giving shape and awareness to the style of the house. Try to imagine your home with wooden windows …

The color of nature

Whatever the essence of wood you prefer for windows, furniture, interiors, to create a coherent atmosphere, wood in itself is the color of nature. This means that it conveys positive meanings, it can give warmth and a sense of welcome, it can make your home more welcoming. Even in its most discreet and minimal versions, it continues to offer a home a presence rich in nuances, warm, which gives intensity and at the same time reassures as a natural material.

Respect for nature

One of the window producers we want to quote you in this context is Sidel. The brand offers high-end wooden windows ( wood- only windows and also wood/aluminum windows, available in different series), characterized by unique design solutions (they are totally made in Italy), distinguished by the continuous research of materials, by the perfection of all the details. The windows and doors are produced in factories that use clean energy coming exclusively from photovoltaic panels, so without emissions of carbon dioxide, in full accordance with the criteria of green building – what do you think, would you like an eco-friendly house?

Timeless and current windows

Sidel windows, adaptable to any living environment, offer comfort, livability, and great aesthetic care. All the products of the brand are 100% eco-friendly and zero-impact; furthermore, the wood used comes only from certified and controlled forests. Every Sidel window is a window made in respect of nature, where the wood dialogues with the furniture, to help define a style of home that is personal, current, timeless. Try to imagine your home with Sidel windows!

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